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Advertisement for Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain Killer depicting six little angels flying a huge medicine bottle over the world. On the bottle is a label stating: "A purely vegetable medicine for internal and external use. See directions." On the portion of the world showing are the words: "Joy to the World Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain Killer." The reverse of the card has the heading: "The old standard family medicine. Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain-Killer, introduced in the year 1840." The price is 2 cents, 50 cents, and $1.00 per bottle. Perry Davis & Son, Providence, R.I. Presented by Chas. Bauer, Apothecary, S.W. corner 11th and Buttonwood, Philadelphia. Perry Davis Vegetable Pain Killer. ""PAIN KILLER" was patented by Perry Davis (Providence, RI, USA) in 1845. It is believed to be the first nationally advertised remedy specifically for pain - as distinct from a particular disorder. "Pain Killer" was distributed by Christian missionaries around the world. In its heyday, Perry Davis' "vegetable elixir" was widely regarded as a wonder drug. Its ingredients, mainly opiates and ethyl alcohol, were entirely natural. The concoction was created Perry Davis in 1840. Since "Perry Davis Pain Killer" was a registered trade brand name, there was no legal requirement to make its ingredients public on the bottle." Perry Davis’ Pain Killer, a combination of opium, alcohol, and other substances, was formulated in 1839 and marketed successfully worldwide within 4 decades as both an internal and external pain remedy. Perry Davis (1791–1862) was born in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Perry Davis began to manufacture his Vegetable Painkiller in 1839. His son Edmund carried on the business after Perry's death in 1862; product available up until 1958. Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain Killer is reported to have been given to both soldiers and horses during the American Civil War. Davis trademarked the name "Pain Killer" and was at last a financial success. This product is said to be one of the first directed specifically at pain management, rather than a particular disease or ailment. It was distributed worldwide by missionaries, and was considered a wonder drug. In 1955, Canada Packers bought the Canadian patent of Davis & Co., Davis & Lawrence for many years.



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